Martijn Kleermaker

Introducing Martijn Kleermaker, a name gaining prominence in the world of professional darts. Born in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, on 18 June 1991, Martijn has been making waves both in national and international tournaments with his dynamic performances.



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Martijn's journey began in the British Darts Organisation (BDO), where his performances quickly grabbed the attention of the darts community. His crowning achievements during this period included triumphs at the West-Fries Open and the Polish Open in 2019, feats that cemented his standing as a rising talent in the sport.

In 2020, he made the leap to the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Despite being a newcomer, Martijn demonstrated that he had what it takes to rub shoulders with the elites of the sport. He qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship and the UK Open, putting on impressive displays that promised much for his future in the sport. Although a major PDC title has yet to grace his trophy cabinet, his performances suggest it's only a matter of time.

What sets Martijn Kleermaker apart is his relentless drive and unyielding determination to achieve success. He tirelessly hones his skills and is resolute in his quest to etch his name amongst the top ranks of the PDC world rankings. It's this unwavering commitment to his craft that has earned him respect and recognition as an emerging star in the world of darts. Keep an eye on this Dutchman – there's much more to come.

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