Jacques Nieuwlaat

Hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jacques Nieuwlaat is an esteemed figure in the world of darts. Born on March 5, 1969, Nieuwlaat has not only been a professional darts player but has also made his mark as a distinguished mastercaller, darts commentator, and analyst.



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Nieuwlaat's journey in the realm of darts began on the player's side of the sport. He took part in a variety of both domestic and international tournaments. Among his many contests, his performance at the 1998 Dutch Open remains a highlight, where he made his way to the quarter-finals.

1998 was also the year when Nieuwlaat explored a new avenue within the sport, taking on the role of a mastercaller for the first time during the Dutch Open. His proficient commentary quickly gained recognition, propelling him into a thriving career as a mastercaller and commentator, in demand at both the national and global levels.

Perhaps his most notable contribution has been to the Dutch television channel, RTL7. Since 2007, he has been a steadfast member of their darts commentary team. His articulate and insightful coverage spans numerous high-profile darts tournaments, such as the PDC World Darts Championship, Premier League Darts, and the World Cup of Darts.

In addition to being a voice behind the microphone, Nieuwlaat extends his expertise to written analysis. He contributes to a host of darts-focused websites, like Dartsnieuws and Mastercaller.nl. Nieuwlaat's breadth of experience, coupled with his deep understanding of the game, cements his status as a highly respected and authoritative figure in the darts community.

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