Guard Surround

The Bull’s Guard Surround offers an inventive design that consists of 4 “puzzle pieces.” These pieces effortlessly fit together, making assembly quick and straightforward. Crafted from foam, this surround fits any dartboard and provides an effective way to protect your walls.

With an additional 14 cm of wall protection, the Bull’s Guard Surround goes the extra mile to safeguard your playing area. It creates a robust barrier that helps prevent darts from marking or damaging your walls, ensuring a clean and unspoiled environment for your games.

Uniquely designed for two-sided play, this dartboard ring maximizes its usability and value. You can easily flip it over to utilize both sides, providing extended life and added versatility.

Choose the Bull’s Guard Surround for a combination of practicality and innovation. Whether you’re setting up a dartboard at home or in a more public venue, this surround offers both the protection you need and the convenience you desire. Its puzzle-like assembly and two-sided playability make it a standout choice for any darting enthusiast.

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