Advantage Surround

The Dartbord Surround is a protective rubber ring designed to be placed around your dartboard. Available in black, red, and blue, this accessory ensures your walls are safeguarded from stray darts. Made from high-quality rubber, its long lifespan is guaranteed.

This dartboard ring provides an additional 12 cm of protection for your walls, creating a buffer zone to prevent potential damage from errant throws. It’s a simple yet effective solution to maintain the integrity of your playing area.

The Dartbord Surround is designed to fit any brand of dartboard. Its universal fit makes it a versatile addition to any darting setup, providing added security and peace of mind during play.

Weighing in at 1.65 kg, this Dartbord Surround is lightweight yet sturdy. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the impact of darts, providing reliable and lasting protection for both your dartboard and wall. Choose the Dartbord Surround for a seamless blend of durability, protection, and style.

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