Tarantula 20

The Bull’s Tarantula is a dart set with barrels made of Brass, specifically designed for novice dart players. The Tarantula darts all feature a black grip, providing a firm hold during throws. With its curve model and ringed and knurled grip, the Tarantula Brass 20 grams offers an excellent combination of control and precision.

Key Features
  • Dart set with barrels made of Brass
  • Suitable for novice dart players
  • Enhanced with a black grip for a firm hold
  • Curve model with ringed and knurled grip
  • Available in one weight: 20 grams

The Tarantula is an excellent choice for beginner dart players seeking a dart set that offers control, precision, and comfort. Explore the world of darts with the Bull’s Tarantula Brass 20 grams Darts. Please note: The Tarantula is also available in Softtip for those who prefer electronic darts!


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
20 grams 50.1 millimetres 8.7 millimetres
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