Smoke Red Flare 90%

Meet the extraordinary set of darts like no other – the Bull’s Smoke 90% Red A, a remarkable addition to the Bull’s Smoke lineup. These darts boast a grip unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, combining a ring grip with an intricately detailed brick grip. The result is a sensation in your hand that’s unparalleled. And can we talk about the intimidation factor? The Bull’s Smoke 90% Red A is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring darts you’ll ever come across, with its stunning crimson and black accents.

But these darts aren’t just about looks; they deliver exceptional performance on the dartboard. The thoughtfully designed grip ensures you have full control over your throws, allowing you to unleash your darting prowess with precision and power. With the Bull’s Smoke 90% Red A in hand, you’ll command the respect of your opponents and leave a lasting impression with every dart you throw.

Elevate your game and make a bold statement with the Bull’s Smoke 90% Red A. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a rising star, these darts will take your skills to new heights. So, embrace the daring allure of these darts and step into the spotlight on the oche, ready to conquer the dartboard with unmatched style and finesse.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
23 grams 49 millimetres 7.1 millimetres
24 grams 48.9 millimetres 7.4 millimetres
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