Ricky Evans Brass

Specially crafted for the passionate beginner in darts, we introduce the Bull’s Ricky Evans Shell Coated Green Brass Darts – 21 gram. These darts are designed to offer budding enthusiasts a taste of professional quality and style, setting the stage for a journey into the exciting world of darts.

Design & Features: These unique green shell coated brass darts radiate quality and style, perfectly matching the flair of Ricky Evans himself. The sophisticated coating not only provides a distinctive look but also ensures durability and smooth handling, allowing beginners to experience the game with professional-grade equipment. With every throw, feel the balance and precision that are the hallmarks of Ricky Evans’ gameplay, and start your darting journey with confidence and style.

Complete with black medium shafts and striking Ricky Evans dart flights, these darts are designed to catch the eye on the dartboard. They are more than just beginner’s equipment; they are an introduction to the style and excellence of professional darts, offering new players a glimpse into the world of high-quality darts gameplay. Experience the excitement and precision of darts with equipment that reflects the style and quality of a darts maestro like Ricky Evans.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
21 grams 56 millimetres 8.5 millimetres
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