Ricky Evans 80%

Introducing the Bull’s Ricky Evans 80% Tungsten Steeltip Darts for the devoted darts enthusiast. These darts are used and endorsed by darts maestro Ricky Evans in major tournaments, attesting to their unparalleled craftsmanship and precision. For those passionate about the sport, these darts offer an opportunity to experience the level of excellence and accuracy synonymous with a darts legend like Ricky Evans, bringing professional-quality gameplay to your fingertips.

Crafted from 80% pure tungsten, these darts represent finesse and durability. The sophisticated design radiates the charisma and passion of Ricky Evans with every throw. Each set is stylishly completed with sleek black medium shafts and signature Ricky Evans dart flights, making them a visual delight on the dartboard. These are not just darts; they are a statement of style and commitment to the sport, reflecting the vibrant energy and quick-fire playing style that Ricky Evans brings to the game.

Known for his lively and fast dart style, Ricky Evans is a true dart sensation with the ambition to become a dominant force in the darts world. These carefully designed darts are his trusted allies in his quest for darts supremacy. Dive deeper into Ricky’s dart journey and explore the full spectrum of Ricky Evans’ darts articles, experiencing the legend and the thrill of the game through these meticulously crafted darts.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
21 grams 52 millimetres 6.0 millimetres
23 grams 52 millimetres 6.1 millimetres
25 grams 52 millimetres 6.5 millimetres
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