Richard Veenstra 80%

Dive deep into the world of professional darts with the Bull’s Richard Veenstra 80% Tungsten Steeltip Darts. These high-quality darts embody craftsmanship and precision, meeting the demands of Dutch darts player Richard ‘Flyers’ Veenstra. Purchase now and experience the quality of a dart with which professionals play, exclusively available at DartsWarehouse. These darts are not just about superior construction; they are about providing an experience of professional play, offering a taste of excellence and precision to every darts enthusiast.

Designed for Perfection: Each dart is meticulously crafted from 80% tungsten, guaranteeing durability and consistency with every throw. The rough front and rear grip make these darts suitable for players of all levels. Featuring specially engraved dots serving as grip zones, your grip is enhanced, allowing for seamless throws with impeccable precision.

The Choice of Richard ‘Flyers’ Veenstra: These are not just any darts. They have been carefully designed and tuned to the specifications of Richard Veenstra, one of the top darts players in the Netherlands. If you aspire to elevate your game, these are the darts that can help you do so.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
23 grams 50.6 millimetres 6.8 millimetres
25 grams 50.6 millimetres 7.2 millimetres
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