Max Maximiser Hopp Brass

The Bull’s Maximiser Shell Coated Brass Max Hopp is an excellent dart set with barrels made of brass. This professional set is specially designed in collaboration with the renowned German darter, Max Hopp. The darts feature a sleek and straight design with coarser rings and are finished in an elegant black color, providing a striking look during the game.

This dart set comes in one weight: 21 grams, allowing you to enjoy optimal balance and precision while throwing. The Bull’s Maximiser Shell Coated Brass darts come standard with essential accessories for a great playing experience. This includes the Bull’s Player 100 Maximiser Cartoon flight, adding a fun and unique touch to the darts, a black Bull’s Nylon Medium Shaft for stability, and Bull’s Steel Dart Points Black 28mm for durability.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve your skills, the Bull’s Maximiser Shell Coated Brass Max Hopp dart set is a fantastic choice. This set combines quality, style, and functionality to elevate your dart game. Feel inspired by the craftsmanship of Max Hopp and conquer the dartboard with precision and flair.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
21 grams 56 millimetres 8.4 millimetres
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