Max Hopp 90%

Experience the ultimate in dart performance with the Bull’s Max90 3.0 dart set, specially designed for the acclaimed German professional darter, Max Hopp. These top-of-the-line darts are crafted from 90% Tungsten with black titanium and red PCT coating, offering both durability and a stylish appearance. Choose from three weight options (22, 23, and 24 grams) to find the perfect balance that suits your playing style.

The Max Hopp 90% Tungsten darts feature a unique blend of ringed grips, with a pronounced ringed grip in the tail section of the barrel. This design ensures a solid grip feel, providing players with unmatched control and confidence during their throws. The craftsmanship and expertise behind the Maximiser Darts, manufactured in New Zealand, guarantee top-tier quality and performance, giving you the edge you need to excel in your dart game.

The Bull’s Max90 3.0 dart set comes complete with essential accessories for an exceptional playing experience. The Bull’s Player 100 Max Hopp MAX Red flights adds a touch of flair to the darts’ aesthetics, while the black Bull’s Medium Nylon Shaft and Bull’s Steel Dart Points Black 35mm provide balance and precision. Each official Bull’s Max Hopp 90% dart is engraved with the ‘Bull’s Logo’ and ‘Shot Logo,’ ensuring authenticity and the stamp of approval from Max Hopp himself. Embrace the expertise and style of Max Hopp with this outstanding dart set and elevate your dart game to new heights.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 52 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
23 grams 53 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
24 grams 53 millimetres 6.5 millimetres
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