Martijn Kleermaker 80%

Introducing the Martijn Kleermaker 80% darts by Bull’s – the ideal starter set for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of darts.

Exquisitely tailored to Martijn Kleermaker’s specifications, these new darts boast a sleek and modern aesthetic. The silver tungsten barrel stands out, not just for its cool and stylish look, but also for its remarkable grip.

The barrel’s forefront is equipped with a tapered ringed grip, contributing to its undeniable appeal and performance. Adding to its unique design are hard incision squares, which provide not only a visually striking element but also enhance the dart’s grip for perfect control.

With these darts in your arsenal, you’re equipped to conquer any match. Channel the prowess of Martijn Kleermaker, and elevate your game to new heights.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 50.9 millimetres 6.5 millimetres
23 grams 51.5 millimetres 6.8 millimetres
24 grams 51.5 millimetres 6.7 millimetres
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