Geert Nentjes 90%

Experience unparalleled precision with the Bull’s Geert Nentjes 90% Steeltip Darts. Specially crafted for those who settle for nothing but the best, these darts are available in 23g, 24g, and 25g to cater to every player’s preference. These darts are not just about superior quality; they are about delivering exceptional performance and precision, allowing you to play your best game every time.

A highlight of these darts is the Bull’s Concord Nose Design, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from point to barrel. This meticulous design provides minimal air resistance, granting players smoother release and unparalleled control with every throw. The strategic grip zones across the entire barrel, combined with their perfect balance, promise an aerodynamic flight path every time. Additionally, a striking all-black titanium coating adds a touch of elegance, letting you play in style.

It’s worth mentioning that these are not just any darts. They are the official match darts chosen and used by Geert Nentjes himself, reflecting the trust and confidence he places in their design and performance. With these darts, you are not just playing; you are stepping into the world of professional darts, experiencing the precision and control that make Geert Nentjes a force to be reckoned with in the world of darts.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
23 grams 52 millimetres 7.0 millimetres
24 grams 52 millimetres 7.1 millimetres
25 grams 52 millimetres 7.2 millimetres
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