Flora Hicus 80%

The Bull’s Flora Hicus is an 80% tungsten barrel dart embellished with elements inspired by the Hibiscus flower. Available in 25 and 28 grams, this dart set exudes both beauty and functionality.

The precisely measured ring grip, along with flat grip sections, ensures a delightful experience in the hand that will be appreciated by many darters. With its well-balanced design and ergonomic grip, the Bull’s Flora Hicus provides players with the confidence and control needed to excel on the dartboard.

As you hold these darts, you’ll feel the essence of the Hibiscus flower flowing through your fingers, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to your game. The dart set comes with the exclusive S100 Flora Hicus Series 100 flight, further accentuating the distinctive look of these darts.

Embrace the charm and grace of the Bull’s Flora Hicus as you step up to the oche, ready to showcase your skills with the beauty of the Hibiscus flower blooming in every throw. Let your game flourish like the flower itself, making a statement without saying a word.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
25 grams 50.8 millimetres 6.9 millimetres
28 grams 52.2 millimetres 7.2 millimetres
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