Blue Pegasus C 95%

Introducing the Bull’s Blue Pegasus 95% Tungsten Darts, an exquisite addition to the esteemed Bull’s Dartserie since January 2020. The Blue Pegasus C 95% darts feature a robust mirrorgrip, skillfully combined with pixel grip, and a sturdy ringed grip on the nose, delivering an unparalleled grip experience for ultimate control and accuracy on the dartboard. To complete their captivating look and enhance performance, each grip style is adorned with a striking blue PCT Coating.

Handcrafted in New Zealand, renowned for producing top-quality darts, the Bull’s Blue Pegasus Darts are available in two weight options: 22 and 24 grams. This remarkable set includes the Bull’s Blue Pegasus Series 100 flight, elegantly paired with a blue Aviation Medium Shaft and durable Bull’s Steel Dart Points in Black 35mm.

Embodying Bull’s commitment to excellence, each official Bull’s Blue Pegasus 95% Tungsten Dart bears the iconic ‘Bull’s Logo’ laser engraving, symbolizing the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, the Blue Pegasus C 95% Tungsten Darts are meticulously engineered to elevate your game and deliver exceptional performance. 


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 50 millimetres 6.5 millimetres
24 grams 51.2 millimetres 6.95 millimetres
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