Bear Brass 21

Kickstart your darts journey with the Bull’s Bear dart set, specially crafted with Brass barrels for newcomers to the sport. The simplicity of the Bull’s Bear darts design conceals the thoughtful engineering that goes into each dart.

The Bear Brass 21-gram variant features a subtle torpedo design, cleverly integrating zero, shark, and ringed grips for optimal handling. Available exclusively in a 21-gram weight, it’s tailored for beginners who are seeking the perfect balance and precision.

Every Bear Brass dart set extends beyond just the darts. Included in each set is the Bull’s Bear Series 100 flight for unparalleled flight stability, the resilient Nylon Medium Natural Shaft for sustained durability, and the razor-sharp Bull’s Steel Dart Points Black 32mm for accurate scoring. Begin your darts adventure with a set that combines design simplicity with performance precision.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
21 grams 55.0 millimetres 8.6 millimetres
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