Bear Brass 20

Embarking on your journey into darts? The Bull’s Bear dart set, with its Brass barrels, is crafted with beginners in mind. With their simple yet effective design, Bull’s Bear darts prioritize function and ease of use.

The Bear Brass 20-gram variant stands out with its curved design, expertly blending zero grip with some ringed grip for optimal handling. Designed specifically in a 20-gram weight, it’s tailored for beginners seeking the perfect balance between control and precision.

But the Bear Brass dart set doesn’t stop at just the darts. Every set comes standard with the Bull’s Bear Series 100 flight for unparalleled flight performance, the robust Nylon Medium Natural Shaft for added stability, and the sharp Bull’s Steel Dart Points Black 32mm for accurate scoring. Step into your darts journey equipped with a set that offers simplicity, precision, and value.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
20 grams 54.0 millimetres 8.9 millimetres
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