Andy Baetens 90%

Elevate your darts game to a professional level with the exceptional Andy Baetens 90% Tungsten Steeltip Darts. This premium dart set offers three precision-designed weight options – 22 grams, 23 grams, and 24 grams – allowing you to fine-tune your performance to perfection. Crafted from 90% Tungsten, each dart embodies the unwavering pursuit of excellence characteristic of darts master Andy Baetens. With a flawless silver finish, these darts radiate refinement and elegance, making a bold statement on the dartboard.

The darts are meticulously crafted, striking the perfect balance between weight, control, and durability, and feature nano grip technology to enhance your grip and control, allowing for precise and consistent throws even in the heat of competition. These are not merely inspired by Andy Baetens but are also his choice for every match and tournament, attesting to their excellent quality and performance.

Embrace the pursuit of excellence with Andy Baetens 90% Tungsten Steeltip Darts, reflecting the shared pursuit of excellence between you and Andy Baetens. Achieve precision, style, and consistency on the dartboard and elevate your game to new heights. Choose your weight and experience the craftsmanship trusted by Andy Baetens himself.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 50 millimetres 6.5 millimetres
23 grams 50 millimetres 6.6 millimetres
24 grams 50 millimetres 6.7 millimetres
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