Want to experiment with adding a little more weight to your darts? Consider trying Bull’s Add a Gram! Specifically crafted to allow players to customize the weight of their darts, this innovative accessory offers an easy way to fine-tune your game.

Available in both Brass and Aluminum versions, Bull’s Add a Gram caters to different preferences and needs. The Brass version provides a touch of classic elegance and durability, while the Aluminum option offers a lightweight alternative. Both are designed to seamlessly integrate with your darts, allowing for smooth handling and precise control.

Whether you’re looking to explore new strategies or simply want to switch things up, Bull’s Add a Gram gives you the flexibility to adapt your equipment to your playing style. It’s a novel way to explore different dynamics in your game and discover what works best for you. Experience the difference a gram can make, and enhance your darts experience with Bull’s Add a Gram.

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