Scorpion 90% Softtip

Introducing the Bull’s Scorpion 90% Softtip Dart Set, a revolutionary addition to the esteemed Bull’s Dartserie. These darts boast a striking design and cutting-edge features that are sure to elevate your darting experience. Crafted from 90% Tungsten, the Scorpion Softtip Darts exhibit a sleek curve shape that exudes elegance and precision.

The front of the barrel is adorned with a robust pyramid grip, providing you with a solid and confident hold during your throw. As you grip the Scorpion darts, you’ll notice the finely crafted phantom grip at the rear, offering subtle yet effective control for that extra finesse in your game.

Available in a single weight of 18 grams, the Bull’s Scorpion Softtip Dart Set is meticulously manufactured in New Zealand, renowned for producing top-quality darts. This set comes complete with the Bull’s Scorpion Powerflite, a transparent Bull’s Glowlite Medium Shaft, and the reliable Bull’s Nylon Nylaxx Points in Black, measuring 21mm.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
18 grams 48 millimetres 7.2 millimetres
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