Phantom Grip 90% Softtip

Introducing the Bull’s Phantom Grip Red Softtip 90% Tungsten Dart Set, a high-quality addition to the renowned Phantom Grip series designed specifically for soft-tip dartboards. This dart set retains the same classic design as the long-standing Phantom Grip 80% variant but is now upgraded to 90% Tungsten with black titanium and red PCT coating, enhancing both aesthetics and performance.

The Phantom Grip 90% Softtip darts feature a consistent phantom grip across the entire barrel, providing a reliable and comfortable hold for your throws. The light torpedo shape of these darts makes them highly accessible and user-friendly, perfect for both experienced players and those new to the game.

The Phantom Grip Red Softtip Dart Set is available in a single weight of 22 grams, carefully crafted to offer optimal balance and flight dynamics for soft-tip dartboards. Made in New Zealand, renowned for producing top-quality darts, you can trust in the durability and precision of these darts.

Each set comes complete with the Bull’s Phantom Grip Series 100 flight and the Airstriper Medium Red shaft, ensuring excellent flight stability and style. Every official Bull’s Phantom Grip Red Softtip 90% Dart is laser engraved with the iconic ‘Bull’s Logo,’ signifying its authenticity.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 50.6 millimetres 6.8 millimetres
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