Max Hopp 90% Edition 4

The new Bull’s Max Hopp 90% Edition 4 dartpijlen represent the 2022 upgrade that Hopp envisioned for his darts. These darts have been meticulously tailored to meet Max Hopp’s specific preferences. The front of the barrel tapers towards the point, providing a streamlined profile. The middle section of the barrel features evenly distributed rings, offering a well-balanced grip. As the barrel narrows slightly towards the rear, the ring grips become more compact, providing enhanced control.

Max Hopp desired a minimalist modern look for his darts, which led him to choose a combination of silver and dark gray. This stylish design aligns perfectly with the contemporary direction of the sport of darts. With its sleek appearance and impeccable performance, this dart is well-equipped for the future of darts.

The soft-tip version ensures that Max Hopp can excel in soft-tip dart tournaments, showcasing his precision and skill on electronic dartboards. To complete this exceptional dart set, the Bull’s Player 100 Max Hopp E4 Std. flights have been expertly selected, further enhancing the aesthetic and personalized touch of these professional darts.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
18 grams 42 millimetres 6.6 millimetres
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