Martijn Kleermaker 90%

The Bull’s Martijn Kleermaker 90% dart set marks the perfect beginning of Kleermaker’s career with Bull’s Netherlands. The black barrel, adorned with striking orange inlays, exudes a sense of grandeur and luxury. Speaking of the barrel, it boasts an array of fantastic grip styles. Towards the front, you’ll find a tapered ring grip, followed by the star of the show – the letter “M” engraved multiple times around the barrel. Moving towards the middle, there are two notches with a pixel grip in between, catering to players who prefer a coarser grip. Finally, the barrel narrows down with a micro-ring grip.

With these darts in hand, Martijn Kleermaker is more than ready to conquer the world of darts. The soft-tip version ensures that he can excel in electronic dartboard tournaments with precision and flair.

The dart set comes complete with the Bull’s Player 100 Martijn Kleermaker 90 Std. flight, further enhancing the personalized touch of this professional set. With the combination of Kleermaker’s skill and these meticulously crafted darts, there’s no doubt that exciting victories and achievements await him in his darting journey. 


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
18 grams 44 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
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