Kim Huybrechts 90% Black

The Softtip Bull’s Kim Huybrechts is a high-quality dart set featuring barrels made from 90% Tungsten, coated with black titanium and red PCT, custom-designed for the talented Belgian professional darter, Kim Huybrechts. This soft-tip dart set comes in two weight options: 18 and 20 grams. The Kim Huybrechts 90% Black Titanium dart boasts a unique ringed grip that extends throughout the entire barrel, providing players with exceptional control and precision during their throws.

Crafted in New Zealand, renowned for producing top-tier darts, the Hurricane Darts showcase the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The dart set includes the Bull’s Player Powerflite Kim Huybrechts Black, which adds a distinctive touch to the darts’ appearance. Accompanied by the black Bull’s Medium Nylon Shaft and Bull’s EVO Dart Points Black 22mm, the dart set ensures optimal performance and durability, meeting the needs of even the most demanding players.

Emblazoned with the ‘Bull’s Logo’ and ‘Hurricane Logo’ laser engravings, the official Bull’s Kim Huybrechts 90% darts carry the signature of Kim Huybrechts’ collaboration with Bull’s, representing excellence and a commitment to producing top-quality dart equipment. The Kim Huybrechts 90% Black Titanium dart set is also available in Steeltip, catering to darts enthusiasts who prefer the traditional steel-tip dartboards. With this exceptional dart set, players can experience the precision and design tailored to match the exceptional skills of Kim Huybrechts himself.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
18 grams 47 millimetres 6.2 millimetres
20 grams 48 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
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