Eagle 2 85% Softtip

Discover the power and precision of the Bull’s Eagle 2 85% Softtip Darts Set, an addition to the renowned Bull’s Darts range since January 2018. Crafted from high-quality 85% Tungsten, these impressive darts feature beautiful straight barrels with an attractive dimple in the centre.

The Eagle 2 Softtip Darts offer a combination of a mini shark grip and a coarser shark grip on the Steeltip version, allowing you to experience optimal control and stability while throwing. These darts are designed for consistent performance regardless of the player’s skill level.

Weighing 20 grams, the Bull’s Softtip Eagle Darts are ideal for players looking for a balanced and versatile darts set for softtip darts matches. Made in New Zealand, known for its high-quality darts, you are assured of a darts set that meets the highest standards.

The softtip darts set comes standard with the Bull’s Eagle Series 100 flight, black Nylon Medium Shaft and Bull’s Nylon Tefo Dart Points Black 22mm. Each official Bull’s Eagle 2 85% Dart is engraved with the recognisable ‘Bull’s Logo’, a sign of the excellence Bull’s stands for. This great darts set is also available in the Steeltip variant.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
20 grams 50 millimetres 6.7 millimetres
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