Bear Brass Softtip

Introducing the Bull’s Bear Brass Softtip Dart Set, designed for novice dart players who seek simplicity and reliability. These dart barrels are crafted from durable Brass, making them a perfect choice for beginners looking to improve their darting skills.

The Softtip Bear Brass weighs 18 grams and features a straightforward design with a ringed grip, providing a comfortable and steady hold for your throws. This dart set’s uncomplicated yet effective design is tailored to help beginners gain confidence in their game.

Included in the Bear Brass set are the Bull’s Bear Series 100 flight, Nylon Medium Natural Shaft, and Bull’s Longlife Long Point Black 25mm, ensuring you have all the essentials to get started right away. For players who prefer the Steeltip version, the Bull’s Bear is also available in that option.

Unleash the inner darting prowess within you with the Bull’s Bear Brass Softtip Dart Set. Enjoy the journey of mastering the game and embrace the excitement of darting success on the board.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
18 grams 45 millimetres 7 .9 millimetres
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