Aviation 90% Softtip

Introducing the Bull’s Aviation 90% Softtip Dart Set, a true embodiment of style and elegance that has captivated the darting world. Featuring a stunning combination of gold and black, accentuated by a touch of silver, these darts are undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs we have seen in a very long time. As you stand behind the oche, the Bull’s Aviation 90% dartpijlen will undoubtedly command attention and make a statement on the dartboard.

But looks alone are not enough; comfort and performance are paramount in a dart set. Bull’s takes great care to ensure that these darts feel exceptional in your hand. The specially designed Phantom grip for the Bull’s Aviation 90% provides the perfect balance of grip and release for this unique dart. The absence of grip on the silver section of the barrel allows you to use it as an anchor, ensuring a consistent and comfortable grip with every throw.

Tailored for soft-tip dart enthusiasts, the Bull’s Aviation 90% Softtip Dart Set delivers exceptional performance with a remarkable appearance. Boasting a flawless combination of style and functionality, these darts are more than just eye candy – they are precision instruments for serious players who value both aesthetics and functionality.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
20 grams 44 millimetres 7 millimetres
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