Star Tips Softtip Points

Introducing Bull’s Star Tips Points, a specially crafted line of thin, very short 18 mm Plastic Soft-tip Dart Points. These dart points are designed with precision and innovation, making them suitable for players who desire a unique combination of style and functionality.

Available in five different colors, Bull’s Star Tips Points allow players to choose their preferred hue that best reflects their individuality and taste. Whether it’s a bold statement color or a more subtle shade, there’s something in this range to suit every player. The sleek design and thin profile ensure a perfect grip and an enhanced throwing experience.

Bull’s Star Tips Points represent the latest in darting technology, focusing on providing a top-notch experience for both beginners and professionals. These points emphasize consistency, quality, and aesthetic appeal, offering a perfect blend of performance and design. Step into the world of modern darting with Bull’s Star Tips Points, and experience the difference in your game.

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