Carbon Conversion Points

The allure of steel-tip darts often calls to almost every soft-tip darter. Maybe you want to switch to steel-tip for a friendly game on a sisal dartboard or to experiment with a different style. Whatever the case, the Bull’s Carbon Conversion Points have you covered. Uniquely crafted from carbon for the first time in the industry, these conversion points exhibit strength that sets them apart from competitors’ products.

The Bull’s Carbon Conversion Points offer a tight and precise fit without the need for a bothersome rubber ring between the point and the dart. This design ensures that they fit every type of soft-tip dart while enhancing your control and gameplay. The clear advantage of these carbon-made points is their unparalleled strength, giving you confidence in their longevity and performance.

Available in a sleek matte black color, these conversion points can seamlessly blend with any style of dart. If you’re a soft-tip player looking to explore the world of steel-tip darts or simply wish to have the flexibility to switch between the two, the Bull’s Carbon Conversion Points are a must-have in your darts collection. Experience the innovation and quality that only carbon can provide, and take your game to new heights.

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