Surround Starter Set

The Bull’s Surround Starter Set provides everything you need to begin playing darts at home, right out of the box. The all-in-one package is designed for convenience and immediate enjoyment, making it an ideal choice for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Included in the set is a Surround available in Black, Red, or Blue. This adds an aesthetic touch while protecting your walls from any off-target darts. Accompanying the Surround is the Bull’s The Classic Dartbord, a quality playing surface that ensures a professional darting experience. The set also features 2 sets of Brass darts, suitable for players at any skill level, rounding off the hardware components of the set.

But that’s not all; the set is complemented with a Budget Markerboard measuring 45X30, which is perfect for keeping score during your games. A Pentel Maxiflo Marker Large and Bull’s Dry Eraser are also included for writing and erasing scores. With the Bull’s Surround Starter Set, you have everything at hand for a seamless and enjoyable darting experience, whether it’s practice, leisure play, or competitive fun.

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