Surround Dartboard Pro Set

The Bull’s Surround Dartbord Pro Set offers an immediate and complete solution for those looking to enjoy darts at home. Carefully put together to ensure everything you need is at your fingertips, this set allows you to dive straight into the game.

Included in the set is a Surround available in Black, Red, or Blue, providing both aesthetic appeal and protection for your walls. It complements the Bull’s Shark Pro Dartbord, a high-quality playing surface designed for a top-notch darting experience. Along with these, 2 sets of Brass darts are provided, tailored for both new and experienced players, forming the main components of the set.

To enhance the gaming experience, the set also offers a Budget Markerboard, measuring 45X30, perfect for keeping track of scores during your games. To aid in scorekeeping, a Pentel Maxiflo Large Marker and Bull’s Dry Eraser are included, allowing for easy writing and erasing of scores.

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