Home Spare Kit

If you’re on a tight budget, just starting out, or looking to experiment with various setups, the Home Spare Kit is your perfect solution. This package includes all the dart accessories you’ll need in one convenient bundle. Whether you’re beginning your darts journey or wishing to try different configurations, the Home Spare Kit provides flexibility without breaking the bank.

The kit features a wide array of shaft and flight alternatives in various diameters, shapes, and materials. From Standard Bull’s and Pegasus Flights to Medium Glowlite and Extra Small Nylon Shafts, you’re free to experiment and discover what suits your playstyle best. A high-quality 23-gram brass barrel allows you to obtain the ideal balance for your darts setup, maximizing your game and enhancing your performance.

Beyond the flights and shafts, the Home Spare Kit includes essential accessories like a Plastic Case, Point Holder, Round Sharpener, and Flight Protectors. These items not only contribute to your dart’s customization but also aid in their maintenance and storage. This package is a comprehensive collection, catering to the varied needs of dart players at any stage of their darting journey.

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