Budget Scoreboard

The Chalk Scoreboards represent a timeless tradition in the game of darts. They hark back to the original method of keeping score, offering a classic and nostalgic experience for players. Made from MDF and coated with a layer of chalk, these scoreboards provide a tactile and enjoyable way to track the game.

Bull’s chalk scoreboards are available in three different sizes, catering to various preferences and settings. Whether in a home game room, a local pub, or a competitive tournament, these chalk scoreboards fit the scene. Their design combines both function and aesthetic appeal, offering a tangible connection to the history of the sport.

While technology has brought about many changes in how scores are tracked, there is something special about using chalk and a traditional scoreboard. The Bull’s chalk scoreboards capture this essence, providing a simple yet elegant solution for those who appreciate the authentic experience of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to darts, these scoreboards offer a unique touch to any match.

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