Rubber Dartmat

The Bull’s Rubber Ochemat is a highly acclaimed dart mat that has earned its reputation as the world’s bestselling dart mat. Crafted from top-quality black rubber, this dart mat offers exceptional grip and stability, ensuring it stays firmly in place during intense darting sessions.

The striking combination of black rubber with a yellow wooden oche adds a touch of sophistication to your dart setup, making it a standout feature in any dart-playing environment. With its exceptional grip and stability, the Bull’s Rubber Ochemat 300×90 ensures that it stays firmly in place, allowing you to focus on your game without any distractions.

Just like its counterpart, The Bull’s Rubber Ochemat 300×90 comes packaged in a full-color, super sturdy box, ensuring that your mat arrives in excellent condition. Experience the spaciousness and style of this extra-wide dart mat, and enjoy countless hours of darting enjoyment with enhanced accuracy.


Product Name Size Color Oche
The Bull’s Rubber Ochemat Standard 300×60 cm Black Yellow Wooden
The Bull’s Rubber Ochemat 300×90 300×90 cm (Extra Wide) Black Yellow Wooden
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