Finish Dartmat

The Bull’s Finish Dartmat is a high-quality dart mat made from durable carpet material. This mat features the most common finishes, ranging from 170 to 41, providing a handy reference for players aiming to master their outshots. Whether you’re practicing at home or playing in a café, this dart mat ensures that you bid farewell to any scoring difficulties during crucial finishing moments.

Its carpet surface is designed to prevent slipping, offering a stable and secure platform for your darting endeavors. With its clear and easy-to-read finishes, this dart mat serves as a valuable tool for players of all skill levels, helping them refine their checkout game and improve overall accuracy.

Additionally, for those who prefer a defined throwing line, the mat can be equipped with a wooden oche, ensuring a consistent and precise starting position for every throw. Embrace the convenience and practicality of the Bull’s Finish Dartmat, and elevate your darting experience to new heights of precision and proficiency.


Size With Oche
300×60 cm No
300×90 cm No
300×60 cm Yes
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