Universum Pro Dartboard

Elevate your darting experience with the premium Bull’s Electronic Softtip Dartboard Pro. This exceptional package includes 2 sets of softtip darts and an additional 30 softtip points, ensuring you’re equipped for top-tier gameplay. The Pro board sets the stage for thrilling competitions, boasting 4 LED displays and accommodating up to 8 players for intense matchups. Dive into a realm of possibilities with 40 pre-programmed games offering an astonishing 760 different options, keeping every game night full of excitement.

Experience precision without compromise with the Universum Softtip Dartboards. Designed to match the dimensions of Steel-tip dartboards, these boards bring a professional edge to your darting endeavors. Available in two distinct color schemes, Black-White and Red-Blue, these boards seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Choose the Universum Pro for the ultimate darting experience or opt for the Universum Intro, a more affordable counterpart, to cater to your gameplay preferences.

Exclusively tailored for Softtip Darts, the Bull’s Electronic Dartboard Pro redefines the standards of electronic darting. With dimensions of 46x61x4.5 cm, these boards ensure a challenging and fair playing field for players of all calibers. Whether you’re exploring the extensive pre-programmed games or refining your skills in a game of Cricket, the Universum series delivers unrivaled entertainment and competition. Immerse yourself in the future of electronic darts and experience the pinnacle of competitive gaming with the Bull’s Universum Pro Electronic Dartboard, setting the gold standard in electronic darting innovation.

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