Universum Intro Softtip Board

Enhance your darting adventures with the Bull’s Electronic Softtip Dartboard. This comprehensive package includes 2 sets of softtip darts and an additional 30 softtip points, ensuring you’re always ready for action. The Intro board takes the excitement to the next level, featuring 4 LED displays and accommodating gameplay for up to 8 players simultaneously. Immerse yourself in the competitive spirit as the board offers a selection of 36 pre-programmed games with an astonishing 580 different options, keeping every game fresh and engaging.

Say goodbye to oversized targets and hello to precision with Universum Softtip Dartboards. Crafted to match the dimensions of Steel-tip dartboards, these boards offer a level playing field without the advantage of larger triples and darts. Available in two classic color schemes, Black-White and Red-Blue, these boards add a touch of style to your game room while maintaining functionality. Choose from the Universum Intro or its larger counterpart, the Universum Pro, for an even more extensive range of gameplay options.

Designed exclusively for Softtip Darts, the Bull’s Electronic Dartboards redefine darting precision. With dimensions measuring 46.5×52.4×4.5 cm, these boards ensure a challenging yet fair experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re honing your skills in Cricket or exploring the array of pre-programmed games, the Universum series delivers unmatched entertainment. Step into the world of electronic darts and experience the future of competitive gaming.

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