Advantage Trainer Dartboard

The Bull’s Advantage Trainer dartboard is Bull’s designated training board, designed to help players improve their accuracy and precision. This unique dartboard features doubles and triples that are 50% smaller than standard, presenting a challenging target for players to hone their aiming skills. The inner rings of the doubles and triples have been modified to provide a demanding practice experience, pushing players to push their limits and elevate their game.

Similar to the original Advantage board, the Bull’s Advantage Trainer dartboard is crafted using high-density African sisal, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The increased density contributes to the Bull’s Advantage Trainer being perceived as harder than the average dartboard, offering a training experience that demands focus and dedication. Additionally, the dartboard boasts beautiful craftsmanship, with its white inlaid spider enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it an eye-catching addition to any training setup.

The strategically placed spider deeply embedded into the board minimizes bouncers off the metal wires, providing a seamless practice session without unnecessary disruptions. The Bull’s Advantage Trainer Dartboard comes with a convenient Clickfix bracket ophangsysteem, simplifying installation and ensuring stability during training sessions. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or an experienced player striving for perfection, the Bull’s Advantage Trainer Dartboard is an excellent choice to take your dart skills to the next level.

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