Ubertas Square

Introducing the Bull’s Ubertas Square Case Nylon – a spacious haven for your darting essentials. As part of the Bull’s collection, this large dart case is a testament to practical design and reliable storage. With the Ubertas Square Case Nylon, you can confidently transport and organize your darting gear with ease.

Designed with functionality in mind, this roomy dart case boasts the capacity to house not one, but two sets of darts. Alongside your darts, it offers ample room to stow away an impressive assortment of flights, shafts, and, importantly, soft-tip points – ensuring you’re fully equipped for any darting scenario.

The secure zipper closure ensures the safety of your valuable equipment while providing quick access whenever needed. Two leather handles offer a comfortable and stylish way to carry your gear, making it effortlessly convenient to take your passion for darts wherever you go.

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