Secuda Small Case

Constructed from durable hard plastic, the Bull’s Secuda S-Case boasts an exquisite design gracing both its front and back surfaces. Reinforced with sleek aluminum corners, this case offers robust protection, ensuring your darting essentials remain safeguarded in style.

The Bull’s Secuda S-Case embraces functionality with its innovative magnetic closure, eliminating any protrusions and making it a perfect fit for your pocket. Whether you’re gearing up for a casual darting session or a competitive match, this compact case ensures your darts are always within reach, offering convenience without compromise.

Despite its modest dimensions, the Secuda S-Case doesn’t compromise on storage capacity. Tailored to accommodate a set of darts (without flights), it provides ample room for an extra set of shafts and two sets of flights. With careful consideration of every darting need, this case exudes practicality.

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