Secuda Medium Case

Meet the Secuda Medium Case, the mid-sized offering in the premium range of Bull’s Secuda Cases. Expertly crafted from robust plastic, it promises long-lasting durability without compromising on style. Adorned with exquisite prints on both the front and back, the case exudes a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress.

Equipped with robust aluminum corners, the Bull’s Secuda M-Case offers unmatched sturdiness to safeguard your darting essentials. The reliable lock system ensures the utmost security, preventing any accidental opening. Rest assured, your darts and accessories are secure in this compact and convenient case.

Despite its compact size, the Secuda M-Case is thoughtfully designed to store a set of darts (without flights), an extra set of shafts, and two sets of flights. The well-organized interior allows for easy storage and quick access, making it a perfect companion for your darting adventures.

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