Secuda Large Case

Introducing the Secuda Large Case, the largest among the trio of Bull’s Secuda Cases. Crafted from durable hard plastic, this case brings together durability and elegance. The beautiful prints that adorn both the front and back add a touch of sophistication to its robust exterior.

Reinforced with sturdy aluminium corners, the Bull’s Secuda L-Case is designed to withstand the rigors of constant use, ensuring your darting essentials are securely housed. The solid lock system affords an extra level of security, preventing the case from opening accidentally and giving you peace of mind.

Despite its sturdiness, the Secuda L-Case offers generous interior space. It can comfortably accommodate two sets of darts with flights, with additional room for extra sets of shafts and flights. This blend of size, security, and storage makes the Bull’s Secuda L-Case an ideal choice for dart enthusiasts who require ample space for their gear.

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