Martijn Kleermaker Case

Embrace the professional way to store your dart equipment with the Bulls Pro Player Case, endorsed by none other than Martijn Kleermaker. Providing optimal storage for your match darts, this case is used by Kleermaker for all his tournament games, offering an unmatched blend of durability and convenience.

Accommodating a set of darts, along with corresponding shafts and flights, this case also boasts extra compartments for additional accessories. Your darting gear will be neatly organized and easily accessible, ready for every game.

The Bulls Pro Player Case by Martijn Kleermaker is reinforced with sturdy, shock-absorbing padding, ensuring maximum protection for your gear against potential damage. Constructed to withstand frequent use and transport, your darting essentials are secure in this robust case.

Endorsed by Martijn Kleermaker, one of Bull’s premier players, this case has been tested and proven in the heat of professional competition. When it comes to protecting and organizing your darting gear, choose the trusted, professional quality of the Bulls Pro Player Case by Martijn Kleermaker.

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