Deluxe Cabinet Black

The Bull’s Deluxe Kabinet Black exudes luxury with its straight corners and sleek design. It offers more than aesthetic appeal by providing an array of features to enhance your darting experience.

  • This kabinet allows your dartboard to be neatly closed away when not in use, protecting it and preserving its appearance.
  • Coming with a hanging system and 2 scoreboards, it provides everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable game.
  • A dart holder is located underneath the writing boards, holding a set of darts on each side for quick access.
  • A unique feature of this deluxe kabinet is the screw at the top, allowing the dartboard to be firmly attached, providing stability and ease of use.

Invest in the Bull’s Deluxe Kabinet Black for an elegant and functional addition to your darting setup. Its superior design and practical features cater to both casual players and serious dart enthusiasts. Whether it’s the protective enclosure, the built-in scoreboards, or the convenient dart holder, this kabinet is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their darting environment.

54.5 cm50.0 cm8.5 cm
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