Deluxe Cabinet Light Oak

The Deluxe Cabinet Light Oak is crafted with an innovative system that securely holds the dartboard. Using two blocks that fit the dartboard precisely, you can tighten the hold with a screw at the top. This ensures stability during play, offering a professional experience. Choose to mount your dartboard with the supplied blocks or use a bristle board bracket. Either way, installation is hassle-free.

  • Both doors of the cabinet contain a scoreboard, enhancing the playing experience. (Note: Marker and eraser are not included.)
  • A wooden bar beneath the scoreboard provides a space to store a set of darts, keeping them handy and organized.
  • For the scoreboard, using Pentel Maxiflo Markers is recommended.
  • Always erase the scores after use to maintain the scoreboard’s appearance.

The Deluxe Cabinet Light Oak is not just a functional piece; it adds a touch of elegance to your game room. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to improve your setup or just beginning your darting journey, this cabinet provides the quality, aesthetics, and innovation you need. (Note: Dartboard is not included.)

54.5 cm 50.0 cm 8.5 cm
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