Classic Cabinet

The Classic Cabinet is designed to elevate your darting experience. This sleek black cabinet comes with 2 marker boards, a pen, and an eraser. It’s the perfect accessory to organize your game room and enjoy darts like never before. (Note: Dartboard is not included.)

With two built-in marker boards, you’ll easily keep track of scores. Play like a pro with everything in one place. Convenient shelves under both boards offer a place to neatly store a set of darts. The included mounting system ensures a quick and secure setup. Note that only Bristle Board Bracket mounting systems are compatible with this cabinet.

Use Pentel Maxiflo Stiften for the best results on the scoreboard. Always erase the scores after use to preserve the quality of the scoreboard. Use LED lighting to prevent overheating of the scoreboard.

With its classic black design and functional features, this cabinet is a must-have for anyone looking to bring a professional touch to their game room. Whether you’re hosting a game night or practicing for a competition, the Classic Cabinet provides the organization, aesthetics, and convenience you need.

54.5 cm 50.0 cm 8.5 cm
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