A Hurricance In The Belgian Dart World

Great news from Bull’s NL – they’ve successfully signed a deal with one of Belgium’s premier darts players, Kim “The Hurricane” Huybrechts. The addition of the seasoned darts pro has been welcomed warmly by the brand, marking a significant milestone for both parties involved.

Kim Huybrechts, who has had a challenging journey recently, is ready for a fresh start – an opportunity generously offered by Bull’s NL. To ensure his success, Bull’s NL is extending essential support to Kim, recognising the importance of teamwork in a sport often characterised by individual performance.

In the words of the player’s manager, “Our team is young, and our boys typically spend a lot of time on the road. In less successful times, they regularly find themselves relying on their own resources. Although darts is competitive, we believe that having the backing of a supportive team and sponsor is crucial. This is especially important for our players off the board.”

Kim is eager to try his hand with a new dart, and Bull’s NL is equally committed to meeting his requirements. “We understand that as manufacturers, fulfilling the player’s requirements is paramount. We’ve already drafted some initial designs, and Kim will soon put them to the test.”

Kim’s experience, character, and talent are the very qualities that Bull’s NL was on the hunt for. His determination to reclaim his place at the top echoes the ambitions of the team, making him a perfect fit. To secure a promising future for both parties, Kim has signed a multi-year contract with Bull’s NL.

Expressing their gratitude, a representative of Bull’s NL said, “On behalf of Bull’s NL, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Kim for his trust in us. We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

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