December 2022 Launch

Introducing the Bull’s December 2022 Collection: Your Perfect Christmas Companion

Get set to light up your Christmas with our thrilling new product range from Bull’s. We’ve stacked our December launch with top-tier, innovative products you don’t want to miss. Dive in to discover more.

  1. The Bull’s Flora Range: Bloom in the Game

Silent yet captivating, a blooming flower needs no announcement. The Bull’s Flora Range captures this essence into a series of 80% tungsten barrels, ornately embellished with motifs from Zinnia, Camille, and Hibiscus flowers. Designed with meticulous ring grips and flat grip pieces, these barrels offer a delightful touch that darts enthusiasts will love. The range is exclusive to our S100 Flora Range Powerflites, elevating your dart experience.

  1. The Bull’s Smoke Green 90%: Unleash Your Inner Fire

Every smoke signals a fire, and with our Smoke Green 90% barrel, you’re the flame. Crafted with a vibrant green PCT coating and a sleek black finish, this barrel is designed to let you ignite the game. The distinctive Bull’s ring and incision grips deliver unrivaled performance every time you play.

  1. The Bull’s Concord 80%: Aerodynamic Precision Meets Affordable Luxury

In response to the tremendous success of the Concord 90%, we’ve developed the Concord 80% — an even more competitively priced barrel. Featuring an exceptionally sharp nose, this barrel allows the dart tip to glide seamlessly into the barrel, offering unprecedented grip and aerodynamic advantage in the darting world. The Concord 80% is completed with a silver finish and a black steel tip. When paired with the black Bull’s shafts and Concord Flights, it creates a remarkably sleek appearance, evoking the speed and precision of the aircraft it’s named after. Who knows, with these darts, you might even reach Mach 2!

  1. The Bull’s Smiley Range: Express Yourself

Ever wished to express your feelings while playing? Now you can with the Bull’s Smiley Flight range! We’ve brought the most popular emojis from social media and chat platforms to your darts. Following the range’s enormous popularity, we’ve added four exciting new designs. It’s time to let your darts do the talking!

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