Andy Baetens wins WDF World Championship

Andy Baetens becomes Lakeside World Champion🥇

Andy Baetens has become the first Belgian darts player to win a World Championship. ‘The Beast’ denied Dutchman Chris Landman in the final and won 6-1. He is the first Bull’s NL player to become a world champion.

Before Landman, he beat Dennis Nilsson (5-2), Jonny Tata (4-2), Gary Stone (3-1) and Sebastian Bialecki (3-0). Throughout the tournament, he steadily produced the highest overall averages.

Baetens had a phenomenal season on the WDF circuit this year. He was seeded first in the WDF World Championship, after winning 8 titles earlier in the season.

The 34-year-old player joined Team Bull’s NL this summer. We believed in him and wanted him to succeed. Now he did the highest thing possible: becoming a world champion. We are proud Baetens is part of our team and hope we will be able to celebrate even more achievements in the future.

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