Filip Ljubenko

Hailing from Croatia, 20-year-old Filip Ljubenko is a rising talent in the world of darts. Despite juggling his studies, he has managed to demonstrate his prowess in international tournaments, most notably reaching the semi-finals at the Croatian Masters in April 2023.



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Ljubenko isn't just focusing on the immediate games, he's thinking long-term. He's currently involved in the Development Tour, using this platform to hone his skills and gather invaluable experience. Back in his hometown, Zagreb, he competes alongside Boris Krcmar in the highest division of the Croatian darts league.

With eyes set on the future, Filip Ljubenko is determined to take his game to the next level. Representing the new generation of promising talent in the darting world, his resolve, combined with his ever-growing experience, is sure to guide him towards his aspirations. Undoubtedly, he's a name to watch, potentially poised to leave a significant mark on the sport.

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